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Hello, friends. 


It goes without saying that these are tough times for all of us at the moment. As this pandemic continues, it has been a struggle for everyone in the hostel community.  For this reason and out of community spirit, the teams at, , Stay the Night and Gift Up! are launching the ‘Adopt a Hostel’ campaign to help support hostels like us during this crisis. 


The #adoptahostel campaign lets you purchase a gift card for a future stay at a hostel of your choice or to make a donation, which will help hostels cover their costs and survive through this time.  By adopting a hostel, you are helping hostels keep their doors open so they can continue to welcome travelers like you in the future.


These are surreal times. We are beyond grateful for this community and appreciate your support, kind understanding and cooperation.


We hope you are healthy and safe, wherever you are.

Til we meet again.


Stay Steady ✌🏽🧡

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