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Welcome to

The Steady

A cozy hostel experience in the City of Angels.  Ease into our lush, sun drenched interiors and laidback vibe as we show you a true California state of mind.

Nice and steady.  Stay with us at The Steady. 

cozy green nooks




At The Steady, we're all about the light and leisurely side of traveling.  Fresh beds to lounge in, cozy green nooks to sip your coffee slow, warm hardwood floors and lived in spaces aglow with golden sunlight.  West Coast livin'.  Some California dreamin'.




the steady hostel

Los Angeles.  City of Angels.  City of Dreams.  Bright lights.  Big city.  For us, our beloved city is more than just the Hollywood sign, Disneyland, movies and sunshine.  It's that, yes, but also a vibrant mix of history, culture and wilderness.  This is the LA we'd like to share with you.  

We are in the up-and-coming neighborhood of East Hollywood, nestled amidst a colorful curation of vintage stores, art studios, eateries, and spiritual centers.  Exploring the rest of this wonderland we call home is easy via ride sharing services or the train, which you can catch at the Metro Station just walking distance away.  

the steady neighborhood
A Bigger Splash by David Hockney

Steady vibes


Angels: Street, Skate, Seventies by Hugh Holland

If you seek a SoCal experience that goes beyond the typical tourist attractions — Welcome.  We seek to connect a community of artists, creatives, and explorers that are after the local over the touristy, the cultural over the typical.  From dive bars to diving cliffs, vintage stores to vintage architecture, secret stairs to secret shows, Filipino Town to Frogtown, tasting menus to sporting venues — we want you to experience the less traveled sides of LA.  Ask us for our personal recommendations, and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction.  #staySteady


A Bigger Splash by David Hockney, 1967

Angels: Street, Skate, Seventies by Hugh Holland

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