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Rooms & Beds

Experience the warmth and ease of quintessential West Coast sensibility in our bright, comfy shared spaces.  Relax, reset, rejuvenate at The Steady. 




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Accomodates: 6     Beds: 6 Single(s)


Our Flamingo Room is our women’s only room, for those that feel safer and more comfortable in the presence of solely females.  It is consistently bright throughout the day, making for an uplifting vibe to prepare you for the day that awaits. 

There are 3 double bunks and curtains for privacy for each lower bunk.  This room has access to three different bathrooms and comes with spacious lockers* to secure your belongings.  Each bed has access to a power outlet.

       A/C                         WiFi

       Towels                       Lockers                       



Check-In: 3pm     Check-Out: 10am

Maximum: 14 nights     Please refer to our terms and policies


*Our shared rooms are now back to 100% occupancy.  Please understand, however, that we reserve the right to limit the number of reservations and safely distance occupied rooms as circumstances dictate.  In these cases, our shared rooms will be reduced to 50% occupancy.  Only one bed in every other bunk will be used to ensure appropriate social distancing.

*Lock not provided.  We encourage guests to bring their own padlocks to secure their valuables.  The Steady and its management accept no liability and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage thereto.

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