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Rooms & Beds

Experience the warmth and ease of quintessential West Coast sensibility in our bright, comfy shared spaces.  Relax, reset, rejuvenate at The Steady. 

Our Rooms

Parrot Room


Our Parrot Room receives beautiful

indirect light, creating a calming


Flamingo Room


Our Flamingo Room is our women's

only room, for those that feel safer

and more... 

Cactus Room


Our Cactus Room receives abundant

natural light throughout the day,

creating a...

Rose Room


Our Rose Room is our biggest bunk

room, as well as the only room that

has its...

Pod Room

Pod Room

Our Pod Room receives abundant 

natural light throughout the day,

creating a...

palm leaves1.jpg

Palm Leaves

Our Palm Leaves Room is available as a private room for those seeking some tranquility...

*Lock not provided.  We encourage guests to bring their own padlocks to secure their valuables.  The Steady and its management accept no liability and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage thereto.

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